Scented Coatings



Dodge's free slurry sampling policy:
Dodge Marketing may have fresh samples of a slurry from a prior job. We can forward this material to you, at no cost, for you to evaluate. We only need your preferred shipping carriers account number to expedite sending you this sample.

Dodge Fragrance Sampling is available by providing smelling samples from our preferred fragrance supplier. These samples are sent by regular mail, or via UPS if you provide your current account number.

Should you need a fragrance material sample that is unavailable, a new product batch would need to be purchased. It is our policy to charge for the preparation of any new material.

Dodge will never provide sample material of any proprietary or custom fragrance as a sample.

Dodge's sampler:
We can provide surplus samplers, if available, or we can make draw downs utilizing overrun products or with a newly purchased batch. Generally we can make up to 30 samplers free of charge, utlizing either our current paper stock or stock that is provided to us.

For a list of fragrances and more details on how we can work together, please contact us.